Death Of Toby Keith Marks Death Of The Land Of The Free

Death Of Toby Keith Marks Death Of The Land Of The Free

One of the greatest state propagandists of all time has been pronounced dead of stomach cancer, marking the end of an era for the geographical jurisdiction known commonly as the United States. What was once a nation, proud of it's military intervention abroad, has now devolved into a nation where intelligence agencies run rockshaw domestically, terrorizing the populace. The populace is no longer proud of the wars waged based on lies, and no longer proud of the military's illegal occupation of different middle eastern countries today. Individuals no longer say the pledge of allegiance, or rep the flag. It is almost like everyone entered into a time warp where being patriotic today is looked at the same way as believing in Sasquatch.

Many are trying to resurrect a semblance of patriotism, but are finding this to be a tough battle, as how can anyone feel proud of a government $33 trillion in debt, with a senile old man acting as the figurehead. Patriotism is blind loyalty to a government that supposedly protects the people around you that you love. When the government opens your eyes by locking you down and trying to coerce you to get the vax, while destroying your small business and making everything unaffordable because of money printing, it's hard to stay blind and patriotic. That coupled with how the entire media apparatus is feeding into people's frustrations in order to demoralize a once proud nation into a nation of weak individuals full of self loathing. Toby Keith could have taken this one on, but his death leaves us only with Kid Rock to rally the patriots around the world. Unfortunately, that leaves a bleak outlook.

The once "Land of the Free" cannot cope with the shame of having that be undeniably untrue. Some are floating new taglines to replace it, with the most popular one being, "At least we aren't Canada." The United States and it's subjugated population is going through a massive identity crisis. Some are working to rehabilitate things, others are trying to turn the country into San Francisco, and still others are falling into apathy, waiting around for another stimulus check. It's not just the crime in the streets and the money to Ukraine that is making them feel down, but ultimately the shift in media narratives and culture. The TV isn't telling them to be proud anymore, and so they are not.

Toby Keith's legacy will be remembered for inspiring patriotism in the hearts of Americans following the CIA's attack on New York City, sparking an invasion of multiple countries in the middle east and the passing of the Patriot Act. His music will continue to be played in small country bars around the nation, reminding us all of a completely different world that is now gone. All we are left with now are the consequences of people supporting tyranny in the name of patriotism.

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