Bugle Authors

Richard "Dick" Greaser

Richard is a visionary when it comes to journalism, having worked for a traditional news publisher for 20 years before resigning as a result of rediscovering a moral compass. He brings to the Bugle a new vision of journalism, devoid of looters and spooks. One of the catalysts for starting the Bugle was an attempt to be able to afford his family’s 5 pack a day smoking habit.

The Bugle is Galt's Gulch of journalism, and therefore Greaser's Gulch.

Rod Palmer

Rod Palmer was born on an oil rig in the North Sea, the son of a Chevron roughneck and Inuit prostitute, known in the industry as ‘oil eskimos’. A natural autodidact, Rod worked as a Wikipedia editor while completing his Bachelor’s of Journalism Studies online degree from the University of Phoenix where he graduated summa cum laude. Rod became interested in Bitcoin after states and governments began permitting its use in the late 2010s. He covers pop culture, politics, and finance.

Ginger B. Stiffin

Ginger B. Stiffin is the token female at the Bugle, and despite not having submitted an article for a long time, remains on the staff due to her charming personality, if you know what I mean.

Max Shaft

Max Shaft has not posted for the Bugle for a while, having chosen to have 4 kids over the past year with his 12 wives. He is trying to single handedly over populate the planet.

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