American Public Begs Deep State To Just Select Winner Already

American Public Begs Deep State To Just Select Winner Already

Following last night's presidential selection debate, there was backlash from individuals who determined that watching CNN was a productive activity. Following the debate, CNN went into damage control to assure this was indeed still a free and fair election, and not a blatant selection. At one point, President Biden fell asleep listening to a more toned down version of Donald Trump.

Individuals who watched, found themselves wondering who will be replacing "Sleepy Joe," as it seems pretty clear that the Deep State used this debate for the purpose of showing the nation that the current president was not fit for seeking reelection, let alone to be in office. The cabal appears to be building up anticipation, following the train wreck, before revealing who would be replacing Biden as the Democrat Party candidate.

There is wild speculation that Gavin Newsom would be replacing Biden, but many Bitcoiners have speculated that they would pick Dennis Porter, as Newsom does not have the background in pandering to the Bitcoin crowd. This has been a massive issue that the democrat candidate will have to contend with, which is Trump's new status as being one of the Bitcoin plebs.

The anticipation of who the candidate will be is eating at the American public, who want to be able to follow the story line leading up to the Statist Super Bowl. Many political experts are discussing the potential of a Porter presidential presidential run, but many are still skeptical and believe it could be Newsom. One thing that is certain is that the Deep State has communicated to the American people that Biden will not be the democrat candidate in November.

The question of who would want to inherit the role of running the American government, while the economic system is floundering as a result of a failing fiat currency, is also on the minds of the American people. The American people are begging the deep state to reveal their choice to replace Biden, to have a better idea of who will be the winner.

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