Anthony Fauci Shockingly Apologizes For His, "Dastardly Covid Restrictions"

Anthony Fauci Shockingly Apologizes For His, "Dastardly Covid Restrictions"

Earlier this morning, Antony Fauci testified before the US Congress, apologizing for and owning his "evil" actions during the Covid 19 pandemic lockdowns. Fauci was the top credentialed US health official, leading the charge on some of the most totalitarian health policies seen in human history.

"I just got a kick out of the power and making people do stupid things. They put way too much trust in authority figures and it was easy to exploit. Me and the boys would kick back, and crack a cold one to watch as we laughed, thinking about all the people standing 6 feet apart from each other while wearing masks.

The Covid pandemic was truly time of my life, but people are not allowing me to forget how horrible the policies I suggested were on the American public, freedom in general, and the publics view of health officials in general. My actions have caused harm and I'm deeply sorry for all the horrible things I've done to you all. Now can you please stop sending me death threats?"

-Anthony Fauci, testimony before Congress

His apology and admission has shocked the nation which has been conditioned to their political leaders conducting sadistic experiments on them and restricting their freedoms, while never admitting they were wrong or apologizing for the consequences of their policies. Fauci is showing a tremendous amount of courage in owning his actions.

Many are not buying it and believe his heartfelt apology was meant to try and get angry critics to stop harassing him and his family via phone calls and angry letters. Extremist and health denier, Rand Paul responded to his apology on Twitter by saying, "You lied, people died, and you're going to have to a lot more to get America to forgive you."

Some politicians are likely feeling that Fauci is setting a dangerous president. If one politician takes accountability for their horrible actions, it could mean that others would be pressured to do so as well. Next thing you know, different politicians could be apologizing for their parts to play in war crimes, stealing from the American public, as well as throwing non violent individuals in cages.

Nikki Haley engaging in behavior that will likely warrant an apology later

Many political experts are concerned that setting a precedent for owning misbehavior and non compliance could condition the American public to expect better behavior from their elected officials than the blatant criminality we see today. This could be one of the most disruptive moments for American politics in a while.

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