Beefsteak To Use Alternative Meats To Cut Costs, Meet ESG Standards

Beefsteak To Use Alternative Meats To Cut Costs, Meet ESG Standards
Photo by alireza nikzad / Unsplash

A beefsteak is an event where individuals in the bitcoin community spend a lot of money to stand around tables, eating multiple courses of meat with their hands. Beefsteaks are often done around conferences, but from time to time travel to cities around the US. There one individual who facilitates all the cooking and organization of the event who goes by the twitter username @awayslice.

Awayslice took to twitter to announce that as a result of rising costs, ESG pressures, and lack of availability of high quality meets, the beefsteak would be looking to incorporate alternative meats such as bugs and even plant based substitutions. Progressive Bitcoiners applauded the move as a major step in the right direction. "For far too long, the beefsteak has been exclusively catering to conservative and anarchist Bitcoiners. It's good to see that things are moving in a more inclusive direction," said @BitcoinBernieBro on twitter.

Marathon, Rhodemium and other ESG mining companies pledged to buy large amounts of tickets to the event as now the Beefsteak is more in line with their company's ESG standards. They also offered to help the organizer source carbon neutral meats for future events.

Some Bitcoiners were not too thrilled by the idea of their favorite bitcoin event moving away from it's original vision. "I may never go to another beefsteak. I won't eat the bugs under any circumstances," said Marty Bent on RHR last week. Other Bitcoiners have begun making memes calling it the "Bug Steak."

It will be interesting to see how the future of beef steaks look going into the future. It's assumed the beefsteak event has killed approximately 1 million cows for these events. Their movement towards alternative meats will make them less complicit in the cow massacre.

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