Ben Arc Proposes New Standard For Conferences, Allowing Audience Members To Shock Speakers With Sats

Ben Arc Proposes New Standard For Conferences, Allowing Audience Members To Shock Speakers With Sats

Ben Arc has created a groundbreaking new tool which will disrupt conferences, as he has built an extension into LNBits allowing individuals to display LNURL QR codes, that when paid, trigger an electrical shock. This new tool can be used by used by conferences to keep speakers in check, as well as to allow audience members to display their messages on screen as they are shocking the speaker. This new tool is incredibly important for conferences to adopt as there is an unprecedented amount of politicians now trying to interact with Bitcoin conferences and podcasts.

The tool would finally allow audience members to give politicians what they deserve and potentially keep them in check as audience members could shock them back to reality every time they lie or talk about stealing. Some are calling for this tool not only to be used during conferences, but also live podcasts/streams. Experts are concerned that there could be adverse health effects from the shocking, especially as if it is excessive. Some are calling on limits for how many shocks an individual could receive, and are suggesting that politicians refrain from using the tool entirely. Studies are being conducted on prisoners to determine the safety of the device.

A picture after the tool was tested on SBF in Prison

People will likely pay excessive amounts of sats to shock their favorite influencers or politicians, and there is no doubt that a tool like this would definitely get more people to utilize the lightning network. Many conferences and publications are concerned that the tool, while revolutionary, may scare off potential speakers. Hillary Clinton and Dan Held have both stated that they would never speak at an event that uses Arc's invention. "I can't have people broadcasting messages criticizing me, while also shocking me at the same time. I work really hard on protecting my reputation as an influencer by blocking the small segment of Bitcoin twitter that has a brain and criticizes me. They would have too much fun at my expense," Dan Held said. Others have criticized Held for advocating for Ordinals use, saying that would bring mass adoption, while rejecting Arc's tool which will definitely bring mass adoption.

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