Biden Cancels 2024 Presidential Election, Saifedean and Gladstein Approve

Biden Cancels 2024 Presidential Election, Saifedean  and Gladstein Approve
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In a shocking and controversial move to protect our Democracy at all costs, President Joe Biden has canceled the 2024 Presidential Election, citing his opponents being horrific racists and threats to the Republic. Political experts applaud the move citing Donald Trump as the greatest threat to global stability and democracy. Many claim this move will promote safety and security.

Biden commented on his decision by saying, "When I set out to be president, I never imagined.... Never imagined such a threat. We will do the things necessary to protect our democracy." Many prominent democrats applauded the White House's decision, also asking for their upcoming elections to be canceled as well.

People are on the far right grumbled and lobbed Star Wars memes at the President on twitter, though there seems to be very little opposition to the move. Suprisingly, both Saifedean Ammous and Alex Gladstein approved of Biden's decision for very different reasons.

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Ammous, who openly proclaims his support for Anarcho Capitalism, despite secretly being a statist and working for the El Salvador government, applauded the decision, decrying democracy. Ammous has previously claimed that monarchies are superior to democracies. It seems his support for this move comes from him seeing the US moving away from a democracy to a monarchy.

Gladstein on the other hand has been a staunch supporter for democracy and claims that the cancelation of the election is actually good for democracy which is a bit perplexing on it's face. Gladstein backed up his claims by reminding everyone that the rule of law is alive and well in the US, unlike many dictatorships around the world including El Salvador.

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