Biden Commits $500 Trillion A Day To Combat Climate Change

Biden Commits $500 Trillion A Day To Combat Climate Change
Joe Biden trying to cool down from global warming with some ice cream 

Climate change has become the White House's main focus' in recent weeks. "Combatting Climate Change Is The Thing," Joe Biden said in a press conference on Friday. "We have to be there, and for the kids of the future...and the planet needs it. It's getting too hot to go swimming"

The White House later released a statement that was not communicated in Joe Biden's press conference that the president plans to spend $500 trillion a day to stop climate change. The move sparked controversy as climate activists claimed it was not enough, while conspiracy theorists were loud to declare that the amount of money was outrageous.

Pictured, Climate Activist and Economic Climate Change Expert, Greta Thumberg

Greta Thumberg took to Twitter to denounce the move by saying that it fell short of accomplishing anything meaningful. "I am sick and tired of watching politicians fail to see that the planet is dying, and my future is dying with it. They always fall short of doing anything meaningful. It is not enough money to address the problem," she said in a Tweet.

Big Brain Economist, Stephanie Kelton

Economist, Stephanie Kelton applauded the Biden White House's announcement saying, "Get ready for all the conspiracy theories to come out of the woodwork to say that spending like this is irresponsible. The government exists solely for the purpose to spend like this. If anything, spending will strengthen the dollar and bolster the American economy while saving the climate."

Conspiracy theorist and recently outed criminal, Saifedean Ammous, commented on the announcement saying that the fiat maxi's are growing increasingly more deranged. Peter St. Onge, who is a second rate economist, brought up concerns about the strength of the dollar, but also where the White House could possibly get the money to do this.

Janet Yellen answered speculations on where the money would come from by suggesting that the treasury could be minting 500 $1 trillion coins a day to pay for it. Despite Yellen raising the alarm about the debt ceiling and lack of revenue from taxes, she stated that she was very supportive of this plan.

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