Bill Kristol Joins HRF To Promote Journalistic Freedom And Democracy In Ukraine

Bill Kristol Joins HRF To Promote Journalistic Freedom And Democracy In Ukraine

The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) has continued to build in the bear market, despite numerous setbacks. The organization has continued to be a champion of human rights in certain countries, while neglecting them in others. That trend continues as the organization welcomes Bill Kristol to their ranks to promote journalistic freedom and democracy in Ukraine.

Kristol has been a long advocate of democracy, having made a name for himself after promoting the democratic intervention of Iraq. He is a firm advocate for US foreign intervention and nation building for the sake of promoting democracy across the world. He is the perfect fit for HRF.

In the video above, Kristol schools Libertarian podcaster Scott Horton on US foreign policy.

Kristol aligns with, HRF chairmen and former chess superstar, Gary Kasperov's views on Russian misinformation asset, Julian Assange. Both support Assange's extradition to the United States for his involvement in attacking Democracy in the United States with his dangerous posts of hacked databases.

Kristol will be stepping into the position of global stable coin development officer. The stated goal of his position is to help dollarize the global south in order to spread peace, currency stability, and democracy to developing nations. He will also be focusing on the region of Ukraine as the United States continues to export democracy to the struggling nation in the form of tanks and missiles.

The Human Rights Foundation continues to be a leader in promoting Bitcoin and stablecoin adoption around the world. The move in hiring Kristol shows their commitment towards exporting democracy at all costs to the most vulnerable people in the world. We look forward to seeing Kristol's suggested plan to export human rights to Iran, Syria, and now Ukraine.

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