Bitcoin Bekka Won't Make Me a Sandwich

Bitcoin Bekka Won't Make Me a Sandwich

The Bitcoin community has been buzzing with laughter and delight over the hilarious memes created by Bitcoin Bekka. While Bekka's memes have brought joy and amusement to many, there is one disgruntled individual among the enthusiasts. Max Shaft, an avid Bitcoin writer, is frustrated that Bekka won't fulfill his request for a sandwich.

I know she knows how to make sandwiches.

Max Shaft, an outspoken member of the Bitcoin community and incredibly good looking author, has been vocal about his admiration for Bekka's meme-making talents. He has even supported her efforts to 'Fuck You Greg', whatever that means. With every new meme shared on social media platforms, Max joins the chorus of laughter and appreciation. However, he recently took to Twitter to air his peculiar grievance: Bekka's refusal to make him a sandwich.

In a series of now-deleted tweets, Max Shaft expressed his dissatisfaction, writing, "I've been following Bekka's memes for months, laughing my way through countless images, occasionally getting a little turned on. But when I kindly asked for a sandwich, she disappeared faster than a scamcoin rug pull. Is a sandwich too much to ask for in return for my loyal support and big Shaft energy?"

Max's demand for a sandwich from an internet personality left many scratching their heads. The Bitcoin community, known for its camaraderie and support, found the request both amusing and puzzling. The incident quickly became the talk of the town, with Bekka's memes taking on a new life as people inserted sandwich references into the artwork.


Despite the jest and light-hearted banter, Max Shaft remains firm in his belief that Bekka owes him a sandwich. In an interview, Max defended his stance, saying, "I've spent hours scrolling through Bekka's memes, liking and sharing them with my followers. The least she could do is make me a sandwich. It's a matter of principle!"

Bekka, who has always maintained a low profile, has yet to respond directly to Max Shaft's request. However, in a recent tweet, Bekka teased, "Sandwiches are great, but memes are my true calling. Let the laughter continue!"


The incident has sparked a wider discussion within the Bitcoin community about the relationship between creators and their followers. Some argue that Max Shaft's demand is unreasonable (but fuck those guys, I'm totally right), stating that supporting artists should be about appreciating their work rather than making personal requests. Others find the entire situation comical and believe it exemplifies the lighthearted nature of the cryptocurrency space (but fuck them, too. I'm hungry).

As the saga continues, Bekka's popularity shows no signs of waning. Her memes continue to circulate, bringing laughter to thousands of Bitcoin enthusiasts. While Max Shaft's desire for a sandwich only grows stronger. The Bitcoin community eagerly awaits Bekka's next masterpiece, curious to see if any sandwich references will make an appearance.

Bekka, call me, please. -Max

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