Bitcoin Magazine To Become Official US Government Ran Media, Following Trump Election Win

Bitcoin Magazine To Become Official US Government Ran Media, Following Trump Election Win

Bitcoin Magazine CEO, David Bailey has been working in the shadows with the Trump Campaign on a deal to cement themselves as a government sponsored news agency. The move appears to be a strategic one as it would almost certainly give the media company significant financial protections in the next bear market due to having a diversified revenue stream.

Credentialed Bitcoin Journalist breaking the story.

The deal would include government subsidies, access to deep state sponsorship opportunities, unprecedented access to government officials, as well as the expectation to "Not be fake news," in the words of Donald Trump. Experts are predicting that Bitcoin Magazine would enter into sponsorship agreements with Raytheon, Pfizer, and Boeing following a Trump victory.

Some Bitcoiners are not to happy at the idea of one of their favorite media companies advertising pharmaceutical products that were mandated in many places during the Covid Pandemic, while trying to read about the financial revolution.

Donald Trump is not the first politician to understand the power of a Bitcoiner voting base, who's loyalty is earned through saying the magic words, "Bitcoin fixes this." Just this week, Thomas Massie got massive engagement on twitter by writing the, "Bitcoin Fixes This Bill."

As part of giving unprecedented access to Bitcoin Magazine, Trump is rumored to have promised that Isabella and Pete Rizzo will have front row access to White House press briefings. He also is rumored to have promised David Bailey that Shinobi would be made an official technical advisor to the White House on Bitcoin development policy.

"I like Shinobi a lot. My Son Barron tells me about the things he talks about in Twitter spaces. The people over at Bitcoin Magazine are great people," Donald Trump wrote in a Truth Social post.

He went to write another one that said, “David Bailey tells me Bitcoin fixes this whenever I mention problems I see in this great nation. I asked him, can it fix Hillary Clinton’s crooked heart? He told me it could but I doubt it. I wish it were true I really do. She belongs in jail.”

How the employees working for the company feel about this deal are yet to be seen, but it is likely, many will be unhappy. Joe Rodgers commented, “This does not reflect on the editorial staff at the physical print magazine.”

While the posts do not directly confirm the strategic sponsorship forming, it did give the rumors a significant amount of credibility. Kim Jong Un applauded the move, citing that there's always been way to much fake news in America, and that he thinks he had an impact on the former president when he visited with him in North Korea previously.

If the rumors are true, and Donald Trump is elected, Bitcoin Magazine will be the first Bitcoin related media company to join the ranks of storied news companies like the Washington Post, New York Times, PBS, Business Insider, CNN, Fox News, and many more.

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