Bitcoin Twitter Attacks Bitcoin Miami Conference Because They Can't Afford Tickets In The Bear Market

Bitcoin Twitter Attacks Bitcoin Miami Conference Because They Can't Afford Tickets In The Bear Market

The upcoming Bitcoin Miami Conference has been the talk of Bitcoin Twitter, but not for all the right reasons. While some are excited about the future of conference this year, others are complaining about the event itself. Many individuals are pointing fingers at the conference accusing it of promoting "shitcoins" in an attempt to cover the fact they cannot afford conference tickets.

The Bitcoin Miami Conference is an annual event that brings together investors, entrepreneurs, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts from around the world. This year's conference will be held in mid May, and tickets for the event rangefrom $1,000 to $20,000. While this may not seem like a lot of money at the top of the bull market, in the bottom bear market, it can really hurt.

Bitcoin OG Marshall Long

Bitcoin OG Marshall Long commented on all the controversy saying, "I've been around so long, bear markets don't even phase me. I buy Whale Passes like they are Chucky Cheese tokens. It pays off to be an OG."

The complaints about the conference have been widespread, with many people taking to social media to voice their frustration. Some have argued that the high ticket prices are just another example of the conference organizers being a bunch of fiat bros. "They seem to be more interested in making money than promoting the future of Bitcoin," said one twitter user.

Another Twitter user wrote, "I'm so tired of these expensive conferences that only the whales can attend. It's not fair that the people who have the most consistent DCAs on Swan are the ones who are being shut out."

While it is understandable that people are upset about the cost of the conference, it is important to remember that organizing an event of this size and scope is not cheap. Also that Bitcoin empowers individuals to truly embrace free market economics without the socialistic influences of government that believes that wealth inequality and theft is an appropriate action.

Of course, this doesn't mean that people's concerns about the cost of the conference should be dismissed. It is important for event organizers to be mindful of the fact that not everyone can afford to attend, and to try to make the event as accessible as possible. For example, they could offer scholarships or discounts for memers instead of giving all the love to the greedy developers.

At the end of the day, the Bitcoin Miami Conference is just one event in a much larger movement. While it is certainly important to have these kinds of gatherings to discuss the future of Bitcoin, it is equally important to make sure that everyone has a chance to listen to their favorite Bitcoin influencer in person. Bitcoin does go up so people will be able to afford tickets in the future.

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