Bitcoiners Learn For First Time You Can Buy Bitcoin Without Using Twitter Or Going To Conferences

Bitcoiners Learn For First Time You Can Buy Bitcoin Without Using Twitter Or Going To Conferences

Bitcoiners are learning for the very first time that they can buy Bitcoin without having a Twitter account or going to expensive conferences. It seems that many are waking up to the fact that both are just ways for companies to get their products in front of consumers, and that paying millions of satoshis to sit around and get shilled to at conferences may be a poor financial decision. For some, not paying for travel, hotel, and admission may allow them to build some serious generational wealth. For those who enjoy getting shilled to, many conferences offer free YouTube livestreams of participants shilling on stage which can be experienced from the comfort of your home.

"In 2021/2022 I spent way too much money going to all the conferences. I got all the company tshirts which is cool, but it's kind of sad looking back at how I paid lots of money to get shilled to when I could be posting my stacks on Twitter," Said @Stackasaur2987. While Stackasaur2987 has been coming to the realization that he could have stacked more by not attending conferences, he still seems to have an affinity towards group think and getting shilled to. The power of being validated by your favorite influencer is intoxicating and can be addicting. While doing research for this article, we discussed Influencer Validation Addiction with renown expert psychiatrist Peter Framberg.

Dr. Peter Framberg

Framberg said, "The core issue behind IVA is an individual having low self esteem. The influencer portrays themselves as confident, and provides a product as a solution to their issues. A new trend is influencers shilling financial products to their viewers. Many individuals are struggling in this current economy and buy into the into the idea that they can get rich quick. That allure is so powerful, that many travel thousands of miles and pay thousands of dollars to meet with their favorite influencers who they have listened to for thousands of hours." His prescribed solution to the issue is for individuals to maintain abstinent from podcasts and go do productive activities that build self esteem like smoking cigarettes and martial arts.

"In order to get people to become sober from their addiction to getting shilled to, we have to rehabilitate the human soul. Individuals are conditioned to be okay with being inundated with advertisements from a young age and often struggle to determine where they end, and the shill begins. The line between the shill and themselves gets blurred, so we have to help them define healthy boundaries with advertisers. Ad block on the computer has been an absolute god send to humanity."

The reality is that individuals addictions to being influenced is truly harmful, and has the potential to be really damaging/disruptive. Individuals who were influenced to use products like FTX and Blockfi potentially lost all their life savings. Same goes for other products like all the stupid food named DEFI products that used to be popular and were hacked. Now many influencers are pushing for their followers to buy Bitcoin in a KYC manner so they are forced to pay taxes in the future, and continue to remain inside the surveillance grid. Being influenced has the potential to be deadly.

Where there is a high concentration of addiction, there is also a high concentration of recovery. Fortunately around the country, Bitcoin meetup groups are popping up with an emphasis of rejecting influencers. Individuals can travel a short distance within their town to meet with other community members interested in Bitcoin, and exit the matrix of marketing pitches. There are even online support groups for individuals seeking help when being tempted with relapse. At every Bitcoin conference, there are individuals who go and refuse to buy tickets, only to offer support to other individuals in recovery. There is hope and the future is bright for those who are willing to be honest with themselves.

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