Bitcoiners Applaud Senator Warren For Being Anti-Bitcoin Spokesperson

Bitcoiners Applaud Senator Warren For Being Anti-Bitcoin Spokesperson
Pictured Elizabeth warren who is way uglier than AOC 

In a surprising move, Bitcoiners have been vocal on twitter of their support for Elizabeth Warren's anti-Bitcoin stance. Their support seems to come from the idea that having someone without charisma or attractive characteristics be the spokesperson is a good thing.

Guy Swann said in a Guy's Take, "Think about it guys. If AOC was coming out as anti Bitcoin, we would be screwed. AOC is hot but Elizabeth Warren has the Karen vibe and nobody will listen to her. Her screeching into the wind is exactly what we need for mass adoption." This sentiment can be seen in the replies to Warren's Twitter posts.

Pictured AOC who is way hotter than Elizabeth Warren 

Senator Warren stirred up the attention after posting a gif, created by her nephew and top crypto advisor Phil, stating that she was raising an "Anti Crypto Army." Her motive seem unclear but her stance is definitely giving her a lot of attention. Warren's goals seem to be the complete ban of any currency not controlled by government, in which congress cannot vote to print more of.

In the meantime, Bitcoiners are holding their breath hoping that someone hot like AOC will not join the anti Bitcoin bandwagon.

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