Casa To Hire White Men To Meet DEI Requirements

Casa To Hire White Men To Meet DEI Requirements

Article inspired by a news tip from a Bugle Reader

Casa announced that they would be hiring white men in order to meet company DEI quotas on Wednesday. "We have been so worried about DEI policies that we have completely neglected to remember that we also still need white men at the company in order to hit our DEI targets. It would be great if they were gay white men though for bonus points," Casa's HR manager told the Bugle. Casa is easily the most woke corporation in the "cryptosphere."

At Casa, HR supersedes company executives, making it the most inclusive company in the general crypto industry. Despite company executives and board members knowing that Ethereum is a scam, the company has chosen to offer Ethereum support to also be more inclusive to a broader audience. The company seems not to be concerned about the toxic reaction of the larger Bitcoin community to their brave policies.

Jameson Lopp, CTO of Casa stated, "As a man of privilege, I want Casa to be a true place of inclusivity and diversity, as defined by BlackRock's ESG agenda. That means that we still need some white men working at the company in order to represent the underrepresented patriarchy. HR got a little too zealous on hiring Latinx women and as CTO I need at least a few white men to keep the company functioning."

While Casa is focusing on building the most inclusive Bitcoin related company, many in the community are wondering why they chose a company logo so similar to that of the infamous Comet Ping Pong logo. When the Bugle reached out for comment, Casa's HR department did not respond.

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