Celebrating Juneteenth And Remembering How Bitcoin Fixes This

Celebrating Juneteenth And Remembering How Bitcoin Fixes This

Juneteenth, a holiday celebrated to remember when Abraham Lincoln made it illegal for southern states to own slaves. While those southern states were engaging in mass noncompliance, and did not feel the Emancipation Proclamation actually applied to them, Lincoln forced them to be compliant in a way that would make Nayib Bukele blush. Juneteenth ultimately celebrates the day Major General Gordon Granger put out the last spark of noncompliance in the south.

The beauty of the emancipation proclamation is that it freed many black people from their plantation owning masters, and gave them a new master in the form of government. That government has done an incredible job since of taking care of their new slaves, but there are some significant problems still. Those problems are nothing that Bitcoin can't fix.

In many ways, Bitcoin is freeing slaves again today. Just this week, congress reinforced the notion that American men are slaves by approving a bill that automatically enrolls young men for the draft. This is a clear example of individuals being born into slavery in which the government owns them. Bitcoin fixes this by making war impossible, therefore nullifying the problem with the fact individuals are still slaves.

In the United States today, most individuals are still slaves. What I mean by this is that every single individual who generates any productive economic activity, is required by law to return a portion of the proceeds of that activity to the government. As a result of Bitcoin winning, and the government having acquired a sizable stack through coercion, we could face the reality of the government having permanent funding, eliminating the need to collect funds from it's slaves.

By orange pilling government employees, and getting them to have a big enough stack, there could be the potential of eliminating all sorts of taxes. The question does remain though of not knowing when the government would determine that they have enough Bitcoin. Could the incentives be too powerful, and could the abusive slave/master relationship between government officials and plebs persist or intensify.

To find the answer of this, we need to consult the king of the warrior philosopher professional podcast guests, Michael Saylor.

Bitcoin fixes this. Trust the plan. Satoshi made the most thermodynamically sound money ever invented. There is no second best.
-Michael Saylor

This Juneteenth, it is important to remember the continued legacy of slavery, in which people are under the rule of a coercive government structure in which they have very little power to resist and influence. Bitcoin fixes the power dynamics by giving people a voice who previously did not have one.

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