Comcast Hack Reminds The World The Important Benefits Of KYC

Comcast Hack Reminds The World The Important Benefits Of KYC

As 36 million Comcast customers have now had their personal details exposed to the internet via a hack, individuals around the country are celebrating the benefits of KYC. "I don't care if all my personal information like the last 4 digits of my social, passwords, phone number, and address are circulating on the internet. I have nothing to hide," Said Jane Wonderfell, a long time Comcast user. "If anything, having a lot of my private data leaked across the web is a relief. It allows me to be fully transparent and not hold secrets. At the end of the day, I also know that KYC is keeping everyone safe," she continued.

The hack has left millions of users wondering why all their private data is not publicly available on the internet already? If there was a public database where anyone could find an individuals payment information, passwords, etc, the hack wouldn't be that impactful in the first place. The biggest downside of an event like this is only when individuals are trying to hide their personal information which is truly a strange concept in and of itself. Why would someone try and hide information like this?

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One of the cornerstones of a democracy is for citizens to live in complete transparency, where privacy is only afforded to individuals who need it for national security reasons. Individuals who are not acting as criminals should have nothing to hide, and therefore should embrace KYC not as a inconvenience or liability, but instead as a requirement by a government who has their best interest in mind. As government changes the goal posts to protect democracy, individuals need to move with it, even it means surrendering all privacy.

The proper response to a hack like this is for corporations who have a great track record protecting individuals customers person information, is to collect more information. Why Comcast has not required pictures of drivers licenses as well as selfies is unsettling. Individuals should not be able to sign up for internet or cable TV without a rectal exam for the sake of transparency. If you have nothing to hide, then why not submit to an anal swab?

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