Compass Customer Support Tech Reveals Secrets Of The Job

Compass Customer Support Tech Reveals Secrets Of The Job
Photo by Jamie Street / Unsplash

The Bugle sat down with a Compass support technician who wants to remain anonymous. Details of this interview may have been changed to protect their identity. Names, locations, dates, and other details may have been changed. Some may find this article disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.

John (fictional name) is a customer support representative for Compass Mining, the notorious mining host who has partnered with Jason Lowery and the State Department in the past to launch a soft war. Compass became a staple in the mining space after spending a lot of money sponsoring podcasts. At one point, they sponsored every single Bitcoin podcast still producing content.

John began working for Compass in customer support after his job at Twitter was terminated following Elon Musk's acquisition of the company. He says he enjoys Compass because like Twitter, he doesn't have to do much.

"I've worked for Compass for 6 months now," Said John. "It's been a pretty chill situation. I don't get paid as much as I did at Twitter, but that's okay because I have to do less work. I'm supposed to be responding to customer support tickets when people have an issue with their miner, but I've been instructed by my superiors to avoid doing that to protect the company brand of not replying to customer issues."

The rest of the interview concluded with John discussing his favorite ways to miss work meetings and his favorite Anime shows. There was nothing really gleaned from the company, other than that they do not seem on top of managing employees performance, like many other companies in the Tech sector.

Compass has surprisingly sponsored almost no podcasts in recent months, and it is unknown if they plan to corner the content creator market again in the next bull market.

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