Congress Moves To Make Suicide By Whistleblowing Illegal, Following Boeing Tragedy

Congress Moves To Make Suicide By Whistleblowing Illegal, Following Boeing Tragedy

Many people have unfortunately heard countless stories of whistleblowers committing suicide after publicly sharing harmful information about government and corporations. While some fringe conspiracy theorists are referring to the deaths of the recent Boeing Whistle Blowers as Nikki Haley's body count, the true concern is that people might be using the pressure of being a whistle blower as an excuse to justify their suicide.

Suicide has been illegal for sometime now, and members of the United States congress feel the need to specifically ban suicide when tied to whistle blowing, to try and discourage whistle blowers from committing suicide. This issue was thrusted into the public spotlight in 2004 when journalist Gary Webb committed suicide with two bullets to the back of his own head.

Webb had uncovered some significant non compliant actions committed by the CIA, and was trying to force them to be compliant. Media organizations such as the New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angelos times have been credited by some experts for driving the man to point of suicide by publishing negative things about him.

The reality is that Webb likely used his whistleblower status as an excuse to commit suicide. Being a whistleblower in the US is protected status, except when it comes to exposing non compliance with the US Military, or certain intelligence operations, which whistleblowing is a direct threat to national security.

The members of congress proposing the new law have proposed the punishment for suicide after whistleblowing, the entire forfeiture of the deceased's properties, specifically the individuals computer hardware, notebooks, and online cloud stored files. This is to punish the family of the deceased, so they won't be able to have access to the family photos stored on iCloud or local hard drives.

This move appears to be an incredibly timely as more Boeing whistle blowers appear to be stepping forward, concerning much of the United States that many Boeing employees are attempting to commit suicide.

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