Congress Extends Term Limits Beyond Death So Dianne Finestein Can Run Again

Congress Extends Term Limits Beyond Death So Dianne Finestein Can Run Again

Both Republicans and Democrats in both houses of congress have passed a bill extending term limits beyond death. Part of the bill also includes a $30k a year stipend for memory care. Politicians that are deceased, but still wish to remain in office, have the opportunity to have their bodies preserved and displayed in their congressional offices on Capital Hill. Why this bill passed now is beyond any rational person's comprehension as most people who pay attention to politics have been campaigning for congressional term limits for some time.

Many Republicans came out stating that their support of the bill was because they wanted to reelect deceased individuals such as Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater. The ability to elect deceased individuals to political office really changes the game as it could mean that the founding fathers have the opportunity to run for political office.

One major thing to note about this new policy is that assassination now has no impact on removing political leaders from office. While this does not apply to other government positions, if applied to the President, it would be that if the CIA assassinates another sitting President, they could still finish their term.

The way votes would be counted is that there will be 3 mediums of different party affiliation to verify the deceased politicians votes. While there is no proof that reliable communication with the dead can be accomplished, congress is confident that they will be able to use secret techniques developed by the CIA in order to ensure fair votes.

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