Dana White Announces New Show Called, "The Ultimate Bitcoin Influencer"

Dana White Announces New Show Called, "The Ultimate Bitcoin Influencer"

In light of the recent twitter drama between Swan Bitcoin and Ordinal Magazine, Dana White has appeared to smell an opportunity as he has proposed a plan to exploit the drama. The UFC President announced on Twitter that he would be launching a show called The Ultimate Bitcoin Only Influencer.

The show is set to be similar to the UFC's popular TV show, The Ultimate Fighter, which highlights the journey of prospective future UFC fighters training under the veteran expertise of current UFC fighters. The show showcases multiple fights between the fighters of each team.

According to Dana White, for TUBI, he would be removing any physical challenges as it is unlikely to expect Bitcoin influencers to throw down in a cage, though he noted there could be a future possibility seeing the growing rise in influencers who post social media posts of them punching bags.

The challenges will likely include various challenges such as, how to dominate a Twitter space, winning Twitter polls, as well as general debate. In the comments to White's post, many responded with excitement at the thought of Mark Goodwin and Terrance Yang entering into some sort of competition. If the challenge was dominating a Twitter space, Yang would be a massive favorite.

For the coaches of both teams, White announced that Cory Klippsten would be representing team $wan (Sponsored by Tether), and David Bailey representing team Ordinals Magazine (Sponsored by google ad revenue). The season would end with a challenge of some sort between Bailey and Klippsten at an upcoming UFC event.

The community waits in anticipation for the release of the show, set to release towards the end of the year with some speculating that the season finale will take place in LA during the Pacific Bitcoin conference. This season will truly be a massive challenge for Bailey and Team Ordinals Magazine, as Klippsten's influencer talent scouting abilities are second to none. It will truly be a David vs. Goliath situation, especially at Ordinals Magazine is hyperfocused on generating fees on useless shitcoins for $wan to mine.

What this TV show sets out to capture is the growing rivalry between Bitcoin's biggest competing media companies, using the conflict to propel engagement to all time highs.

This article was written based of a news tip given to us by a Bugle reader.

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