Dennis Porter Starts Petition To Speak At Bitcoin 2023, Hits 100,000 Signatures

Dennis Porter Starts Petition To Speak At Bitcoin 2023, Hits 100,000 Signatures
Photo created by Greg Zaj who is an ardent supporter of Dennis speaking at the conference

Dennis Porter has been expressing frustration over the past week for not being invited to speak at the Bitcoin Magazine Conference in Miami. The Bitcoin 2023 conference is one of the most anticipated events in the cryptocurrency space, bringing together the brightest minds in the industry. However, the event has been in the spotlight recently due to not inviting Porter.

Porter, a mid tier Bitcoin influencer, created a petition requesting to speak at the Bitcoin 2023 conference. The petition, which was launched on a popular social media platform, quickly gained momentum and garnered over 100,000 signatures within a couple hours. The petition caught the attention of the conference organizers and the wider cryptocurrency community.

The controversy surrounding the petition stems from the fact that Porter is not a well-known figure in the Bitcoin community. His background is in marketing, and he has no significant experience or expertise in cryptocurrency or blockchain technology. Despite this, Porter argues that his experience in marketing can be beneficial to the industry, and he should be given the opportunity to speak at the conference.

Porter went into a long tangent on a Twitter space, "I've been meeting with important politicians to try and pass positive legislation around Bitcoin. Every time I meet with someone important, I post it on social media so everyone can see how important I am. What's good for me is good for Bitcoin and that's why I should speak at the conference."

The petition has sparked a heated debate in the cryptocurrency community, with some supporting Porter's request, while others believe that he is not qualified to speak at the conference. The organizers of the Bitcoin 2023 conference have remained silent on the matter, which has only added to the controversy.

Many supporters of the petition argue that conferences like Bitcoin 2023 should be inclusive and open to new voices and perspectives. They believe that Porter's marketing background could bring a unique perspective to the conference and help the industry to reach a wider audience. Some have even suggested that Porter could use his marketing skills to promote the conference to a broader audience.

On the other hand, many critics of the petition argue that Porter's lack of experience in the cryptocurrency industry makes him an unsuitable candidate to speak at the conference. They believe that the conference should be reserved for experts in the field who can offer valuable insights into the industry. Some have also questioned the legitimacy of the petition, suggesting that some of the signatures may be fake or generated by bots.

Dennis expressed his frustration in a tweet saying, "I didn't realize it's so hard to speak at that conference. If I had known, I would have started campaigning earlier to speak at it. I'm planning on starting my campaign to speak at the 2024 conference later this week."

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