Dennis Porter Works with Peter McCormack To Cure Insomnia

Dennis Porter Works with Peter McCormack To Cure Insomnia

Dennis Porter and Peter McCormack have banned together in order cure insomnia by releasing the most boring podcast episode ever recorded. Listeners have complained that while attempting to listen to the article they would involuntarily fall asleep due to boredom. One listener crashed his car into the side of the road as a result of falling asleep during the episode. The episode was essentially a puff piece where Peter tells Dennis how great he is for tweeting on social media about how many politicians he has talked to, as well as petitioning politicians for permission to use Bitcoin. It starts off with Peter pretending to be libertarian, complaining about government, and then proceeding to bring legitimacy to the state.

The episode if you want to fall asleep

While many Bitcoin podcasts have the ability to lesson insomnia, this one hits an all new level. Pharmaceutical companies that create popular medications for insomnia are reported to be incredibly worried about the potential of losing market share. Different regulators are lobbying for popular podcasting apps like Apple Podcasts and Spotify to limit the ability to listen to this conversation to only when individuals are stationary, for fear of more vehicular accidents. Scientists are studying the episode to try and determine what exactly allows listeners to get so sleepy and have determined it's nothing unique in regards to tone, cadence, or the editing process and that it's entirely the content.

While the majority of people are falling asleep, there is a small minority of individuals who have the adverse effects after listening of believing what is said on the podcast and getting excited. These individuals suffer from delusions that government serves them, politicians will change their mind on Bitcoin, and that individuals have a say in democracy.

Dennis and Peter seem to be unaware of how their episode is disrupting the medical community. Neither could be reached for comment.

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