Department Of Energy Seeks To Bring Democracy To American Bitcoin Mining

Department Of Energy Seeks To Bring Democracy To American Bitcoin Mining
A picture capturing the US military bringing democracy to Iraq

The Department of Energy announced that they would be exploring the possibility of bringing democracy and nation building to the American Bitcoin mining space. The first part of allowing them the ability to do this is getting a detailed registry of all miners operating within the US. Some are calling this a great leap forward in regards to the feds providing regulatory clarity for miners, and is just part of the industry maturing. Others are concerned about the true meaning of "Bringing democracy to Bitcoin mining," as every time the US government has previously attempted to export democracy anywhere, there has been a trail of dead bodies and devastation left behind. Some say the true cost of freedom is a lot of collateral damage.

The first step of any good democracy is top to bottom surveillance on every level. Privacy is something only enjoyed by individuals living in dictatorships, and shouldn't be afforded to anyone in a free society. Only criminals would seek privacy in the freest country in the world. In a free society, you have nothing to hide because your rights are so thoroughly protected by a constitution, and a legal system that is beyond reproach. It is important to remember that the constitution outlines and gives government it's power to work so diligently to define and protect your rights as an individual and business.

Conspiracy loon Marty Bent has criticized the DOE saying that American Bitcoin mining does not need democracy. His statements are dangerous and a threat to democracy. Bent outlined his dangerous conspiracy theories here which you definitely should not read as they are a threat to democracy.

For Bitcoin miners struggling with the potential change of having every aspect of their operation catalogued and scrutinized, it is important to look to Iraq where the citizens are currently very happy with the US military's presence which is preserving their democracy. The country is currently looking to remove the use of the dollar from their oil trade as a show of appreciation for everything the US has done for them. One of the biggest issues the US military has solved for Iraq has been overpopulation, which has allowed the country to be much more climate friendly.

While there is a possibility of some sort of confiscation resulting from a detailed registry of what everyone has, the only reason the feds would do this is for democracy and the well being of everyone. Our benevolent leaders must be trusted and respected because they have the mandate of heaven, or would not be our leaders.

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