Donald Trump To Discuss His Vaccine Accomplishments At Bitmag Nashville

Donald Trump To Discuss His Vaccine Accomplishments At Bitmag Nashville

David Bailey announced that Donald Trump would speaking as a keynote speaker at the Bitmag conference in Nashville. "Donald Trump has done more for Bitcoin than just about any other politicians. He printed absurd amounts of money, continued funding the war machine, and showed people how dangerous it was to have money in your bank account. He also has accomplished a lot by his work with the vaccines."

Trump's team is reportedly excited for the former president and current favorite to win the presidency, to speak at the conference. They feel it's an opportunity for Trump to educate Bitcoiners on operation Warp Speed and get past all the dangerous misinformation. "Bitcoiners were the least compliant with vaccination out of any demographic. It's great the Trump will have an opportunity to shill his Pharma donors under the disguise of freedom and sovereignty. He might even say the word Bitcoin a couple times on stage," A campaign staffer told the Bugle.

Many Bitcoiners have seen Trump as an extremely pro Bitcoin candidate due to his money printing policies during the lockdowns. His administration was one of the most pro Bitcoin administrations in history, going after individuals like Arthur Hayes, and even attempting to assassinate Julian Assange. In creating clear examples of how Bitcoin can be used to protect yourself from government, many individuals adopted the currency in order to do so.

The move of wanting Trump to speak at the conference has confused many individuals who see Bitcoin as an apolitical. The thing they are missing is that while Bitcoin may be apolitical, Bitcoin conferences are not. While the Trump campaign may see it as an opportunity to defend his record on vaccines, it will likely only create conflict between Bitcoiners, Trump, and Bitmag.

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