Elon Musk Advises Donald Trump To Support Dogecoin Instead Of Bitcoin

Elon Musk Advises Donald Trump To Support Dogecoin Instead Of Bitcoin

Free speech activist, and incredibly rich billionaire, Elon Musk has met with presidential hopeful Donald Trump to discuss future cryptocurrency policies. Trump had recently reversed his position on cryptocurrency following a discussion with David Bailey, and determined that now it was time to talk to the expert on the subject, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, Space X, Twitter, etc.

Musk was a visionary by putting Bitcoin on his company's balance sheet, before quickly realizing the superiority of Dogecoin, and backing away from the orange coin.

"Doge just has something magical about it that Bitcoin doesn't. Maybe it's the community. Doge doesn't have a bunch of raving lunatic kneck beards like David Bailey and Cory Klippsten, running around and screaming about how Bitcoin fixes this. And no I don't want to come on your podcast to discuss this further."
-Elon Musk

While David Bailey has been galavanting around the world proclaiming his new love relationship with the former president, Trump appears to be going behind his back to form a new love relationship with Musk.

Could Musk, colluding with a future president, completely undermine Bitcoin's dominance and propel Dogecoin to the position of being the new future global reserve currency?

Unfortunately, all the combined power of Bitcoin maximalists could do little to stop the worlds richest man teaming up with the future most powerful politician in the world. Thermodynamics, network effects, and game theory means very little when ten billionaires come in and agree to each buy a billionaire dollars of Dogecoin, while the Federal Reserve and other fiat institutions also agree to put it on their balance sheet.

Bitcoiners appear to be getting beat in a game of 4d chess right now.

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