Elon Musk Discusses Future of Boring Company with Ben Shapiro

Elon Musk Discusses Future of Boring Company with Ben Shapiro

Elon Musk met this week with Ben Shapiro, a conservative political commentator. The express nature of the trip seemed to be discussing how to prevent Stoney Bitson from regaining access to twitter after being kicked off like 30 times for antisemitic comments, as well as how to leverage the Boring company to build some awesome tunnels. Jewish tunnel building came into the spotlight a few weeks ago when a group of Orthodox Jews was discovered building an elaborate tunnel system in New York City to house migrants coming to the city. The tunnels were very remedial and considered a safety hazard by the city, prompting Musk to get involved offering his services to build professional tunnels using the Boring company.

This sparked Ben Shapiro's attention, prompting to Shapiro to ask Musk for a strategic partnership between the Boring company and Jews all around the world. Musk responded with enthusiasm and appears to be extending an olive branch to groups such as the ADL who have completely ravaged Twitters sponsor landscape by spreading dangerous misinformation about the misinformation spreading platform.

Musk explained his conversation in a Twitter space saying,

"I've been getting hammered by these groups going after my sponsors and getting accused of antisemitism. I'm not antisemitic, I wore a Yarmulke and went to Auschwitz to prove it. I helped the Jews in the New York tunnel story trend inorganically, and will continue to keep the story trending with the new partnership between the Boring Company and Ben Shapiro. We will use this to frame conspiracy theories to shut down any legitimate criticism of the Israeli state and their actions in Gaza."

Whether or not sponsors come back to the platform is yet to be seen. Many sponsors conveniently used the excuse of pulling sponsor money from the platform for "political reasons" while struggling on the edge of insolvency during this non recession. They likely will not be back until Powell cuts interest rates and gets the money printer really going again, but political reasons is a great excuse to cover up budget cuts right now. Musk's game of 3d chess could be aimed at those excuses, trying to strong arm companies into sponsoring his platform again.

What Shapiro plans on doing with Musk's tunnel building company is unknown at this time. What is clear is that conspiracy theorists are losing their minds at the idea of Jews building more tunnels around the world.

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