Experts Compare Bitcoiner's Who Only Post Green Charts To Gambling Addicts

Experts Compare Bitcoiner's Who Only Post Green Charts To Gambling Addicts

In January of 2022, the NIH gathered together the leading experts on gambling addiction to discuss individuals posting charts on twitter and other social media platforms. NIH Director, Lawrence A. Tabak, D.D.S, Ph.D. stated in a press release regarding the panel of experts, "I am really concerned with young people posting charts on Reddit, Twitter, and other social media platforms. It seems that this behavior is reaching a point of mass hysteria and is leading to degenerate behavior."

The NIH has been concerned specifically about a trend on Tik Tok where individuals are claiming to be quitting their jobs in order to day trade. While it is incredibly easy to make money in the bull market, average individuals equipped with the knowledge gained from a $800 trading course are likely not adequately prepared for the challenges of navigating a volatile market. SBF is the perfect case point of someone who got cocky after taking BritishHodl's trading course.

Health officials are incredibly concerned about cryptocurrencies because they allow individuals to tokenize anything, turning mundane things like conference tickets into a volatile tradable commodity. There is currently an attempt to tokenize the Bitcoin Magazine Conference tickets as a BRC20 token for people to pump and dump. Some are speculating conference tickets will 10x after it's announced Trump will be speaking at the conference due to strong purchasing power of the Statist Bitcoiner Association. The SBA seeks to bolster, highlight, and promote anything pertaining state regulation, compliance and Bitcoin.

Health officials have applauded exchanges like Coinbase, which consistently go down during times of high traffic. NIH Director, Lawrence A. Tabak, D.D.S, Ph.D told the Bugle, "It's almost like Coinbase selflessly tells the degenerate chartboi addicts to chill anytime they could actually be making money. Hopefully it dissuades them from pursuing this dangerous behavior in the future."

Currently there is an investigation by the FCC on whether pointing green charts is a "legitimate usage of internet bandwidth during a time of sever climate change."

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