Experts Liken Bitcoin Lobbying Movement To Billy Graham Revival Movement

Experts Liken Bitcoin Lobbying Movement To Billy Graham Revival Movement

Billy Graham launched his first preaching and revival tour in 1947, radically changing American and global culture forever. In 2008, with the launch of the Bitcoin whitepaper, Satoshi Nakamoto created a concept for a technology so disruptive, an entire industry of lobbyists were needed to prevent the absolute ban of the technology. Now experts are comparing Bitcoin lobbyists like David Bailey, Dennis Porter, and Parianne Boring to Billy Graham.

Graham helped revitalize the spirit of a nation recovering from the horrors of World War 2. People who lived in mainland America were subjected to rationing, economic hardship, and strict controls over speech. People of Japanese descendence were even round up and put into internment camps. The soldiers returning from was in the Pacific and European theaters had to deal with reconciling the horrors of war and assimilating back into mostly peaceful society.

Louis Zamperini, Olympic athlete, and traumatized war veteran found immense healing at a Graham revival. He had become a severe alcoholic after struggling to heal from his traumatic experience in a Japanese prisoner of war camp. Following a spiritual experience at a Graham event, Zamperini was able to turn his life around, stop drinking, and repair his marriage.

Today, lobbyists are leading a revival, but instead of being directed at traumatized working class Americans, they are targeting politicians and political staffers in Washington, DC. David Bailey is reported to be working with presidential candidate Donald Trump, helping him to take the orange pill.

David's most brilliant plan yet. Instead of ending the Fed, we can use Bitcoin to make the Fed stronger.

Lobbyists feel that to change the world, change starts first in the heart of the politicians before change can come to local communities. Politicians need a good way to preserve the wealth they loot from local communities, as inflation is impacting them negatively too. Politicians are America's spiritual leaders today, and when they are morally bankrupt, they cause the populace to experience moral bankruptcy themselves.

"The blockchain has the ability to rehabilitate sick hearts and minds. As a lobbyist for the Digital Chamber of Commerce, and the larger blockchain community, I consider myself a spiritual leader for nation, fighting those preventing us from leading the blockchain revival we so desparetly need."

  • Parianne Boring

Preserving institutions such as the Federal Reserve by getting them to buy Bitcoin and remain solvent is a great strategy for ensuring freedom. Coercive individuals and power structures, that were built to manipulate and take advantage of normal individuals, instantly become rehabilitated when they put Bitcoin on the balance sheet. It's almost as if Bitcoin has the potential to purify everything it touches.

While Bitcoin empowers the individuals, it has the potential to also massively empower the tax man, lawmaker, and regulators. This is the great awakening being lead by the Bitcoin lobbyists in Washington, DC, revitalizing the broken and corrupt heart of America through ushering in hyperbitcoinization.

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