FBI Caught Illegally Compiling List of "Most Based Americans"

FBI Caught Illegally Compiling List of "Most Based Americans"
Photo by David Trinks / Unsplash

The FBI has been caught red handed for illegally creating a list of who they deem as the "Most Based" individuals living in the United States. It is illegal for law enforcement agencies to show favoritism towards certain groups of individuals. They are on the other hand allowed to discriminate against certain individuals, which is a core tenant of the agency.

Individuals within the agency are reported to have used their mass surveillance powers to surveil the American populace and choose out who they think are based.

It is a scandal of epic proportions as the word "based" is considered a word to be used exclusively by domestic terrorists. The agency was also scoring people on their basedness by evaluating if they were opposed to all sorts of tyrannical things the US Federal government was doing.

The agency has since apologized, and promised that in the future, they would get back to more important things such as entrapping rural Michigan men, or radicalizing autistic muslim men.

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