Federal Reserve Sues Ron Paul For Copyright Infringement

Federal Reserve Sues Ron Paul For Copyright Infringement

The Federal Reserve has sued Ron Paul for alleged copyright and trademark infringement. The lawsuit claims that Paul has been selling merchandise, books, and monetizing his personality by using the Federal Reserve as a rallying point. The lawsuit claims that's Paul's alleged copyright infringement has brought substantial damages to the private banking cartel, as his, "baseless attacks on our brand hurt the public's trust in our ability to properly print money."

The Federal Reserve is not a fan of criticism, especially during a time of so much financial turbulence. It is not surprising that they would take offense to Paul's criticism and monetization of a movement to end their business. Earlier today, news broke about the Federal Reserve hiring Barbara Streisand as brand manager.

More and more individuals are actively criticizing the Fed as the nation's economic circumstances worsen. Instead of silencing critics, it seems to only be creating a rallying point for them. Ron Paul is a beloved figure in American politics, as he has been one of the sole voices of reason over the past 50 years. Most of the traditional media and establishment have worked to ignore him so that the masses would not see him continue to be right over and over again.

Paul responded to the lawsuit by saying, "I'm too old for this and intellectual property doesn't exist in a free market. I am glad they did this so people can see how tyrannical they really are. They are printing money and stealing from all of us." His response suggested that he not worried about the lawsuit and feels it is silly.

Despite Paul not running for president, individuals began discussing writing him and some polls have him at 2% in the Republican presidential primary. It appears that the Fed's lawsuit will only boost Paul's merchandise sales, and continue to hurt their brand.

This lawsuit comes at a pivotal time as even despite the US federal government becoming increasingly more tyrannical, and Federal Reserve monetary policy creating more damage, the average American has forgotten about the libertarian party and movement. Instead, they are focusing on more productive things such as buying Bitcoin to actively try to end the fed.

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