Former Compass CEO, Whit Gibbs Returns to Twitter--Is a Totally Reformed Nice Guy Now.

Former Compass CEO, Whit Gibbs Returns to Twitter--Is a Totally Reformed Nice Guy Now.
Gibbs, Still a Piece of Crap

In a series of revelations surprising nobody, former Compass CEO, Whit Gibbs has returned to Twitter to shill an entirely legit and not at all potential affinity scam associated with a Middle Eastern mega-fund. Upon returning to the social media site, Gibbs posted to his extremely real and not at all bot majority 20.8k followers that he would "get back to it."

Surprising nobody, except Gibbs, nobody was curious where he was or what he had been up to. Curiously, they were also extremely ungrateful to see him returning to the site. Upon posting that he had returned to Twitter to shill his new thing, a video game somehow associated with Bitcoin and web3 or some other bullshit, the ratio began almost immediately.

Multiple users questioned where he had been, and why he had returned. Some users like Psycho Train posted complex messages such as, "You hurt a lot of Bitcoiners. And you probably led a comfy life as a results of that. So you're back now. Do you have some sort of plan for making amends?" Others like user ThaWyldStallynz simply posted, "GFY."

The Bugle reached out to multiple existing and former Compass Mining customers for comment on Gibbs' return and received multiple messages. One anonymous customer stated, "Jesus, I was ready to be done with this shit completely. Half of my rigs are offline at any point in time. I can't get a customer service rep on the line to save my life, and now this prick wants to come back and 'get back to it'? You have to be fucking kidding me. I wish I had just lost everything in Russia so I could just move on."

Another former Compass Customer had their own, more simple take on Gibbs' return, "F*ck that f*cking f*ck."

The Bugle also reached out to a number of former Compass Mining employees for comment, but we were told via hostage style eye blinking that the NDAs don't expire for another few months (allegedly).

Gibbs responded to the Bugle's request for comment stating, "I really don't get it. These trolls want to dogpile me online and pretend like they've ever done anything for Bitcoin. I mean, look at everything I've accomplished in this space! I brought mining to the people and this is how they repay me? Could we have done a little better on the communications? Was I forced out of the company for undisclosed reasons with some unstated but very large settlement in exchange for my equity? Yes. I own those completely, and I felt terrible for them after the buyout was finalized."

One anonymous Twitter user speculated, that based on Gibb's Twitter posing, he had been tapped as a body double for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy over the last few months. When contacted by The Bugle, they commented, "Listen, it makes perfect sense. When you think of the best option for someone to lead an organization directly into the ground, beg for money, ignore what's happening internally, and then come back and gaslight you by saying you aren't doing enough for them, Gibbs is your man. Also, they kinda look alike."

We have yet to see what the return of Gibbs to Twitter and the broader Bitcoin ecosystem will mean for the space, but one thing is sure, Gibbs is totally reformed, like, for real this time. Whatever he does next is definitely going to work and is entirely legit.

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