Fountain App To Offer "Bitcoin Cameo" Product To Buy Favorite Podcasters

Fountain App To Offer "Bitcoin Cameo" Product To Buy Favorite Podcasters

Cameo is a site that is gaining popularity after Yellow used it, allowing individuals to buy the time of their favorite influencer to make videos of them saying things they want. The site is looking to compete with AI sites that allow you to make videos of your favorite influencers saying whatever you want for essentially free.

The popular podcasting 2.0 app Fountain, has announced that they would be launching a product to compete with Cameo, but for Bitcoin podcasters. The goal of the product is to allow Bitcoiners to pay to watch podcasters degrade themselves and monetize their celebritism.

Mike Pence and other conservative politicians have accused both Cameo and Fountain of being nothing more than prostitution platforms, vowing to get them shut down. Their anger towards the platforms has only worked to grow interest from users.

Adam Curry applauded the move by Fountain, saying that, "First Fountain did podcasting 2.0, now they are doing Cameo 2.0. The level of innovation shown by the team over there is pretty impressive."

Marty Bent so far is the most popular podcaster to purchase on Fountain, charging a whopping 1,000,000 sats per video. So far he has been bought to sing happy birthday for a Bitcoiner, shill some bad Bitcoin development ideas, and even endorse a man running for mayor of Ferguson Missouri.

Some fringe members of the Bitcoin community pointed out that allowing for anyone to buy an influencer to say whatever they want can create real issues in regards to understanding consensus around Bitcoin development, general threats, and even fair criticisms of Bitcoin companies or products.

Bent has shared that he does have standards, and has turned down the opportunity to shill various "controversially named tokens" on the Solana blockchain. Pomp on the other hand has jumped at the opportunity to shill tokens named things like "Niggafolio" causing debate on whether or not he is allowed to even say the name of the token or not.

It seems that Bitcoin P2p V4V commerce is really growing at a rapid pace going into this bull market.

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