Jehovah's Witnesses Adds Bitcoin Standard As A Book Of Their Bible

Jehovah's Witnesses Adds Bitcoin Standard As A Book Of Their Bible

Unbeknown to many Christians, there are various versions of the Bible circulated around the world. Different denominations argue over which version is correct. These versions variants are typically distinguished by different translation methods, but some groups have books of the Bible not included in other groups. A notable example of this is the Orthodox faith which includes the book of Enoch.

It is unknown how many different hardforks of the Bible there are circulating right now, as there is no way to query them all.

The Jehovah's Witness denomination has taken it upon themselves to include the popular book, the Bitcoin Standard as part of the denominations official canon by including it in their congregation's version of the Bible. Jehovah's Witnesses are a split off group from American Protestantism that have differing views from most mainstream Christians, but are exceptionally known for their public evangelism and eccentric attitudes.

Their decision to do this has upset many other Christian denominations who believe that modern books should not be merged into the Bible. The Westboro Baptist church has taken it upon themselves to protest the decision. Some protesters were seen with signs that read, "Bitcoiners are going to hell."

While the Jehovah's Witnesses' decision does not reflect largely on Bitcoin or Bitcoiners, many have been quick to point out the similarities between Bitcoiners and the church's missionaries. There is a certain religious zealotry that makes the two groups a good fit for each other, but also may lead to conflict.

Bitcoiners of other religious denominations will likely not appreciate Jehovah's Witnesses appearing at their meetups and conferences attempting to convert them to their faith. Some have questioned whether or not the "cult" is using this as a fundraising scheme as a result of the congregation and organization being negatively impacted by the impacts of screaming inflation.

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