FutureBit Partners With Juul To Create Vapes That Mine Bitcoin

FutureBit Partners With Juul To Create Vapes That Mine Bitcoin

FutureBit, the creator of Apollo Full Node and novelty Bitcoin miner, is rumored to be in works of designing a vaporizer that mines Bitcoin for Juul. The rumor was spread on Twitter last week by an anonymous individual who claims to be an insider at Juul.

The rumor seems plausible as Juul has been looking for creative ways to boost sales after an army of angry Karen activists have been waging a non stop war against their product. Juul's sales have slumped as a result of individual's associating the product with an angry middle aged women scolding them for using it. The company has sought ways to rehabilitate their image.

FutureBit has also been known to find creative ways to help individuals begin mining Bitcoin. Bitcoin Twitter made it clear that they supported this rumored product and that there is a clear synergy between the two companies. More evidence to the potential truth of the rumors was that Bitcoin Magazine announced that Juul would be a sponsor at the Bitcoin 2023 conference in May.

There has been questions of technical specifications of the vaporizer. Bitcoin mining is an incredibly energy intensive process that produces a significant amount of heat. Many users on Twitter questioned whether the vape would ever be able to ROI, but also what the impacts of the mining would have on battery life.

According to the anonymous source within Juul, the vape would only mine while it was plugged in to charge and it would mine via Wifi. The cost and release of the unit has not yet been disclosed. Also there is speculation that Jull will support mining other cryptocurrency algorithms like Doge with their fruity flavors.

The Bugle reached out to FutureBit for comment on Twitter, and they responded by saying they could neither confirm nor deny the rumors.

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