#GetOnZero Pivots, New Focus On Tanking Social Credit Score

#GetOnZero Pivots, New Focus On Tanking Social Credit Score

In the last Bitcoin bull cycle, when people still believed in stock to flow, a new movement emerged called "#GetOnZero." The movement was all about eliminating the use of dollars and attempting to live entirely with Bitcoin. This movement gained immense popularity until the Bitcoin price tanked because FTX couldn't afford to sponsor the Miami Heat arena anymore, and many people struggled to meet ends meet. While some podcasters considered the movement dead, it appears to be relaunching but with a slight pivot. The new rebrand of #GetOnZero is now focusing less on eliminating the use of dollars, and more about tanking one's social credit score.

The interesting thing about the movement is that in tanking one's social credit score, they run the risk of being debanked, forcing them to potentially exclusively use bitcoin. The core tenants of the new #GetOnZero movement include not getting vaccinated, home schooling your kids, going to church, posting dank memes, harassing government agencies like the ATF on Twitter, and other genuinely wholesome activities. Leaders of the movement claim to want to encourage their members to make the abrasiveness of the New Hampshire Libertarian Party Twitter account look docile.

The movement seems to providing members a great sense of community, but there are definite risks in the groups strategies. Many members will likely be shocked to find that they will be limited in regards to financial services they can access and even the ability to travel due to their attempts to nuke their social credit scores. What the organizers are banking on is that they will reach enough critical mass that their group being restricted will have sever economic consequences for businesses to seek to restrict them, in the same way vaccine mandates did. They believe that only a couple years of naughty behavior will bring serious societal change and disruption.

Dennis Porter is concerned that the movement will bring a bad name to Bitcoiners and impede his efforts to lobby the individuals pushing for social credit systems. "Bitcoiners need to start acting less like Bitcoiners and more like fiat maxis if this thing is going to work," Porter said in a tweet. While Porter may not like the behavior of these individuals, it will likely lead to some larger push back against social credit systems in general.

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