How Quarantining Washington, DC For 2 Weeks Could Eradicate Government Non Compliance

How Quarantining Washington, DC For 2 Weeks Could Eradicate Government Non Compliance
Concept art depicting quarantine checkpoints in Washington, DC

In Washington, DC there is a deadly pandemic of non compliance. There is a group of individuals who believe they are above the laws, above democracy, and above reproach. Their selfish actions tarnish all the compliant government employees who are doing their best to selflessly serve the American public, and pose a grave danger to our democracy. Many are asking, "Why comply when our peers get away and benefit from their own non compliance?"

Covid 19 was defeated by individuals quarantining, wearing masks, getting vaccines, social distancing, only not wearing masks while sitting down, and generally complying with restrictions suggested by credentialed experts. It was was a difficult fought battle to reach a level of compliance high enough to defeat the deadly virus.

In the case of Covid, the virus only spread through individuals being non compliant with restrictions, which is why it took over two years of quarantining the compliant to stop the virus. These same policies could be used with government officials in Washington, DC who are refusing to be compliant with their own rules and edicts that they passed.

Compliant government employees like Jason Lowery are constantly being inhibited from being compliant, as he is being restricted from talking about his theories on Bitcoin. Samourai Wallet Devs were arrested for assisting non compliant government organizations, and the governments arresting them have not been compliant with their own procedures around prosecuting criminal cases. Restrictions are put on normal people, when government officials galavant around disregarding the law as if they are above it.

Lockdowns worked for us, so why won't they work for them? If the people rise up and quarantine the non compliant, there will likely be a very quick response from those quarantined to respect the rules, and follow the law. They need accountability to see their sins, and we cannot continue to allow them to operate as if no one is able to see what they are doing? If we continue to allow things to go their current course, anyone can try to get elected in order to preclude themselves from having to follow the rules.

Bitcoin companies are complying their asses off, and are only being penalized for it by non compliant government employees. The Constitution is being disregarded to the point where many consider it a joke. But it is not a joke, and this is not funny.

My proposed remedy to this is to build a 100 foot tall wall around Washington, DC as well as surrounding areas where government employees largely live. While many innocent individuals may be caught up in the quarantine zone, we have to realize what type of pandemic this is. Their compliance will help the non compliance repent faster.

It will likely only take 2 weeks to stop the spread, and then we can begin opening things up and discussing less restrictive strategies to control government employees behavior. This is a moral imperative and likely our last hope at ever getting things to work properly in government.

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