IRS Mistakenly Sends Billions of Tax Return Funds To Ukraine

IRS Mistakenly Sends Billions of Tax Return Funds To Ukraine

The IRS has announced that due to a clerical mistake, millions of tax filers tax returns have been sent to US military contractors which will send weapons to Ukraine and that the refunds would no longer be processed. The tax collection and harassment agency sent letters to those impacted by the mistake saying, "Our clerical mistake will make a great difference in defending democracy across the world and furthering US foreign policy goals. Thank you for your donation." Raytheon stock pumped on the news, which Nancy Pelosi had bought a week prior to all of this happening.

Surprisingly, individuals impacted have largely been upset that the money they were expecting back from the IRS would go directly to funding a war that they gave no consent to funding. The IRS has responded to individuals upset with the decision by saying, "It's not your money, we can do with it what we want to. If you keep complaining, we can garnish your wages and freeze your bank accounts." This response prompted individuals to complain a lot about it and engage in a lot of productive activities including, donating to Trump's political campaign, holding their money in a bank account, and posting memes about how taxation is theft. So far no accounts wages have been reported to be garnished or frozen.

The Israeli government has been reported to be furious with the Biden administration as well as the IRS for not including them in the clerical mistake. Some legal experts have stated that the IRS setting such a bold precedent could mean that foreign countries could try to pressure Washington to make more clerical mistakes in the future, to get around convincing congress to legally pass funding. "Despite funding wars being a bipartisan supported activity, using the IRS to send tax payer money directly to weapons companies in order to fund wars just streamlines the theft. Sponsored by Unchained," Peter St. Onge said on the topic.

It is not really a shocking news story to see the US government misappropriating funds, yet people are still upset about this.

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