IRS Seeks To Manufacture Tax Revolt In 2024 By Making Paying Taxes Impossible

IRS Seeks To Manufacture Tax Revolt In 2024 By Making Paying Taxes Impossible

Many Americans are very concerned that there will be massive disruptions to the building of roads and schools as the IRS has ushered in new laws making it impossible for individuals to pay their fair share of taxes. The new rules require individuals to KYC Bitcoin transactions, as well as more stringent reporting measures for people earning Bitcoin income. The new requirements make it impossible for individuals to actually pay their taxes, as people have better things to do than making it their full time job letting the IRS know how they are using money that individuals are incentivized to use in order to not allow the IRS to know how they are using money. It would seem that the IRS is intentionally attempting to manufacture a tax revolt, where individuals choose not to fund the wonderful things the US government is doing out of disapproval.

The fact that individuals are considering no longer funding roads and schools should be a major concern right now, as we have never needed roads and schools more. One Bitcoiner reached out to the Bugle to express their frustration with the bill by saying, "I know roads and schools are important, but I already have a full time job and can't afford to take on another one just to report my Bitcoin use to the IRS. I have a family to feed, and even though the economy is much better due to Bidenomics, inflation is still really bad." This sentiment seems to be shared as many individuals across the board are expressing their frustration and feel they are unable to pay their fair share. Some individuals are also concerned with how their tax dollars are spent, with conspiracy theorists suggesting that their taxes goes more towards bombing innocent civilians than it does to essential government services.

This dissatisfaction with paying taxes comes at a time where there is also a massive student loan repayment strike, which many are also concerned will lead to disruptions in the funding of roads and schools. Fortunately, Janet Yellen is confident that the US government will be able to prioritize funding essential government programs like tax enforcement and funding 2 wars at one time, despite any potential disruptions.

"Our children's ability to get a good communist education is under attack by the IRS' new stringent reporting laws, and it seems like it's an intentional attack on our democracy by the IRS," said Senator Ted Cruz in a press release on Capital Hill. "Their coercion over the American people is slightly too much, so I propose only stealing slightly less taxes from you and streamlining the theft process by eliminating the IRS and having a simple flat income tax. That way we can ensure that your children can grow up as good communists during this trying time," he concluded.

While there is anger in the air over the new reporting standards, it is important to remember that you were put on this earth to pay taxes to individuals who visited Epstein's island in order to protect our beautiful democracy. In the land of the free and brave, there is nothing more free than being coerced by government, and the bravery to comply. Just remember that even though you or your loved ones may be having trouble affording to put food on the table because of what government has been doing with lockdowns, spending, and general money printing, it is vital for you to remember the bigger picture. Paying taxes is important for the common good. People working in the defense industry have families to feed too, as well as all the illegal immigrants being bussed to Chicago and New York. The Palestinians won't bomb themselves so please make sure to follow the new IRS guidelines.

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