Jamie Dimon Endorses Bitcoin As "Preferred Way to Launder Money"

Jamie Dimon Endorses Bitcoin As "Preferred Way to Launder Money"

On an interview with Bloomberg, JP Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon explained to a perplexed host that Bitcoin is his preferred way to launder money, and that is was mostly used by criminals like himself.

"Larry Fink, Elizabeth Warren, and I agree that Bitcoin is quickly growing to be the best way to launder money. How else would we be able launder all the money being sent to Israel and Ukraine? In the banking system, we make it difficult to send money across borders." Dimon stated.

He then went on to explain that there is much to be gained from the use and promotion of stablecoins, which would only accelerate the adoption of dollar globally, circumventing national central banks all over the world.

Some have argued that the banking cartel is running a secret campaign in order to force dollarize weaker economic countries through the Aqua wallet being better than the local banking system, as well as the dollar being more stable than their pesos.

Earlier this week, Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson applauded the idea of using stablecoins to loot the treasury and promote global dollar supremacy at the same time. He promised an additional $65 billion to Ukraine and $58 billiion to Israel to celebrate the new technology.

As Bitcoin becomes growingly used by bankers and politicians to launder money, there will likely be much more restrictions put on normal consumers in order to prevent them from evading taxes or participating in criminal payments.

Chivo wallet has been a wonderful example of how a government could roll a KYC custodial lightning wallet out to a country, implement KYC in order to try and limit laundering to politicians and bankers. The wallet had a setback, or what some are calling, "A major step forward with transparency,' when the wallet has hacked revealing almost the entire adult population's KYC data to hackers, which they released publicly on the internet.

Following the hack, the IMF which has publicly criticized El Salvador in the past, seems to have changed their tune and is now appearing more open towards Bitcoin. Many are scratching their heads at the sudden embrace of Bitcoin, but it may have to do with the transparency offered through custodial, state funded lightning wallets, as well as BlackRock and other entities getting into the mix.

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