Kissinger Enshrined As Patron Saint Of Military Spending Following His Death

Kissinger Enshrined As Patron Saint Of Military Spending Following His Death

Henry Kissinger has been enshrined as the patron saint of military spending by the US government and lobbyists for his years of promoting forever wars. Many are expressing deep sadness the giant hole being left behind by the advocate for the military industrial complex. He will be forever remembered for his time advocating the US military to export democracy to countries like Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Unlike many, he was always able to clearly see the cost of democracy was millions of lives.

The Pentagon is currently in the process of building a statue to remember and honor the once most influential figure in the US government. His statue will be a place for Raytheon lobbyists to go and pray to the saint, asking for guidance on how to win big military contracts. Many politicians such as Lindsay Graham are in deep mourning, as they had relied on Kissinger for guidance on which war mongering policies to vote for and support.

Kissinger played an important role in ramping up military spending during the Vietnam War, helping to completely change the US government's stance on military spending following the Nixon shock in 1971. He was a visionary that was able to see how problematic a gold standard was in exporting democracy into unwilling populaces around the world, and how obstructive having a hard currency was to accomplishing their goals.

Kissinger will forever be fondly remembered by the survivors of the Vietnamese civilians that his policies lead to the death of. "He had a good heart, even though the US military dropped bombs on my grandma's house killer her and a few of my cousins. Those bombs were intended to allow me to vote and so I will be forever grateful," said Chi Banh who is a resident of Hanoi, Vietnam. The general sentiment is an attitude of gratitude amongst Vietnamese civilians who remember the war fondly.

The US will definitely feel the loss heavily in a time where as many advocates of war as possible are needed. Bitcoiners on the other hand have taken the weird and completely inappropriate approach of celebrating his death, with some suggesting canceling the halving party to go and dance on top of his grave. Bitcoiners should remember the individuals that played a huge role in developing the market conditions so that there was a huge demand for a technology like Bitcoin. The endless spenders have lead the way for us, and in many ways Kissinger is just as much a Patron Saint of Bitcoin as he is military spending. While the folks over at the Human Rights Foundation will remember him for his violent advocacy for democracy, the Bugle will remember him for creating the conditions that make Bitcoin incredibly valuable during these turbulent times.

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