Larken Rose Discussed Hatred For Public Education After Recounting Kick A Ginger Day

Larken Rose Discussed Hatred For Public Education After Recounting Kick A Ginger Day

After the launch of his new movie "The Jones Plantation," Larken Rose opened up about his journey towards anarchism, or what he likes to describe as voluntarism. "I really had an anarchist seed planted in me as a kid when I was forced to go to a public school, aka government indoctrination center. The kids would bully me for being a ginger and even the teachers would laugh at it. "Kick a Ginger Day" happened like four times a year," he said on a panel at Anarchapulco. "My childhood was serving out a jail sentence where I was taught the state was good and gingers were bad."

Larken Rose is a prolific author, speaker, and now is involved in producing movies in an attempt to promote the ideas of voluntarism and that people can be happy without having to pay taxes or partake in humiliation rituals like voting. Rose's revelations show a dark underbelly of the public education system where gingers are horrifically abused as a result system bigotry.

The Bugle condemns bigotry towards gingers with the highest conviction because one of our very own writers, Ginger B Stiffin, has red hair. School boards and parents seem to be entirely focused on issues such as bathrooms and reading materials presented to children when they should in fact be focused on the bullying of a group of individuals who has not had a voice in the public education system for decades.

A school district in Seattle even went as far to implement "Ginger's Have to Wear a Mask Day" this year. They argued that because of ginger's inferior genetics, they are more susceptible to transmitting Covid and therefore should be masked, which seems to be furthering the stifling of ginger voices. This comes on the cusp of romors of new lockdowns and covid requirements.

While the rest of the media is silent, The Bugle covers the news that matters, sticking up for gingers and parents of gingers whose voices are silenced.  

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