Max Kisier Exposed For Leveraging El Salvador's Bitcoin Stack To Take Out Personal Loan From China

Max Kisier Exposed For Leveraging El Salvador's Bitcoin Stack To Take Out Personal Loan From China

Xi Xinping is reportedly furious with the Country of El Salvador after Max Kisier was exposed for defrauding the CCP by securing a $100 million personal loan. What Kisier planned on doing with the funds is unknown at this time, but what is known is that he leveraged his position to get some easy money from a CCP agent. Said CCP agent has already been disposed of and had their organs harvested. Kisier responded to the allegations of the CCP being upset with him by posting Winnie the Pooh memes on Twitter, mocking the Chinese Premier.

Tensions between China and El Salvador are careening out of control as the countries leaders and diplomats have failed to effectively respond, or put a stop to Kisier's unhinged Twitter antics. Xi Xinping shared in a press conference that he would be postponing the invasion of Taiwan to invade El Salvador unless the small country turned Kisier over to Chinese authorities so that they could send him to a Uyghur work camp to await a forced organ harvesting operation. Apple is reportedly bidding to buy Kisier to put to work in manufacturing their phones with slave labor, sparing him a death sentence.

Not only is Xi Xinping threatening a full scale invasion of the small country, but is also threatening sanctions which would prohibit any Chinese ASIC manufacturer from doing business with anyone from the country of El Salvador, essentially making the country unable to source mining hardware, as well as difficult to mine with any mining pool.

While there has been no confirmation of what Kisier used the funds for, there are rumors swirling that he may have converted it all to tether, to leverage trade the ETF announcement. This is all wild speculation of course, but still seems plausible. This hick up in relations between the two countries could threaten El Salvador's credit rating as they have taken out a lot loans from the CCP.

The world is watching as things seem to be careening towards WW3 all because of Max Kisier. Nobody had that on their 2024 bingo cards.

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