Meme Gangs Pose Great Threat To Stability Of Bitcoin Ecosystem

Meme Gangs Pose Great Threat To Stability Of Bitcoin Ecosystem
Photo by Sarah Kilian / Unsplash

Throughout Bitcoin's history, there has been many attacks on the network, but also users of the protocol. The Bitcoin industry is flooded with spooks and bad actors who seek to create mayhem in an attempt to prevent Bitcoin miners from consuming the entire worlds energy supply and protect the environment. These disruptors are coming face to face with a phenomenon that began forming in 2021, which is various memers forming meme guilds, which look very similar to criminal gangs.

The Bitcoin ecosystem has carefully established a hierarchy of influencers who act as clergy by determining what is appropriate to say and what is not. Swan Bitcoin, Bitcoin Magazine, and a few other companies have been DCAing influencers to try and control narratives and promote their products. During bear markets, the cost of acquiring influencers has dropped to an all time low, with many selling their brand and reputations for only a few Satoshis.

The natural order is being disrupted by hate speech and internet violence. Meme gangs such as TEM and The Meme Factory have set their eyes on influencer cartel Swan Bitcoin. Their accusations and hate memes have caused much fear for the stability of the Bitcoin ecosystem as Swan Bitcoin is currently trying to raise more money. The meme gangs appear to be launching an all out war, even going as far as offering bounties to individuals who provide information that ruins individual's reputations, and policing who likes their posts on Twitter.

Many Bitcoin Twitter users have felt stuck between a rock and a hard place. They feel intimidated by the meme gangs who accuse them of being bought and paid for not liking their memes, while also being fearful of being blocked by influencers for liking the tweet. What has unfolded is complete chaos which threatens the social fabric of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

It is rumored that the most violent meme gang, Triple Elite Memes is approaching Bitcoin companies, offering them protection money. Companies that do not comply with paying extortion fees risk the chances of having their reputations destroyed in PR nightmares as the meme gang digs up dirt on their employees.

Many Bitcoin executives are concerned about the costs of paying the extortion as the bear market continues and revenues drop. To pay the fees, they will likely have to consider laying off influencers which could create a lot of disruption in the messaging around Bitcoin on podcasts and other media forms. It seems like the age of Bitcoin meme gangs is only beginning and meme gang violence will only escalate from here.

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