Samourai and Wasabi Declare Ceasfire And Agree That Bitcoin Privacy Is A Team Effort

Samourai and Wasabi Declare Ceasfire And Agree That Bitcoin Privacy Is A Team Effort

Long time rivals in the Bitcoin privacy world have publicly declared a ceasefire on both of their official Twitter accounts. The cited reason for a cessation of their hostilities is that privacy advocates should work together to make projects to compete with Orwellian technologies such as CBDC's.

The teams apparently have been working through their differences through professional mediation teams as there has been years of bad blood. Reportedly, a handful of individuals from both teams have left each respective project in protest over the decision. Both projects have expressed optimism despite some internal dissent.

Max Hillebrand commented on the announcement saying, "I've spent way too much energy arguing over the years with Samourai trolls and and am happy to focus my efforts on actually furthering privacy technology instead of confusing people with senseless bickering on Twitter."

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Ronin Dojo cofounder BTCxZelko chimed in saying, "There are tons of other projects to complain about and argue with. I've had my fill of trashing the Wasabi guys and am ready to put that behind me. Warring factions "

Bitcoin Twitter erupted over the news, and many individuals were confused. "I've spent years decrying Wasabi for having functional issues, and all of that seems like it was for nothing," said one user. "I've been calling the Samourai guys spooks for years."

Despite the confusion, it seems like the projects are setting examples for other companies in the Bitcoin space such as Coinkite and Foundation. It is yet to be seen if NVK and Zach Herbert will follow in the footsteps of Samourai and Wasabi to seek out professional mediation.

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