Michael Saylor Teams Up With Novagratz To KYC DEFI

Michael Saylor Teams Up With Novagratz To KYC DEFI

This week in Las Vegas, Michael Saylor has been busy throwing the world's most compliant Bitcoin conference called "Bitcoin for Corporations." While nobody wanted or asked for it, Saylor announced that he would be providing a fast track KYC service done entirely on Bitcoin to help prevent money laundering in DEFI.

At the news, famous KYC advocate Mike Novagratz tweeted, "If we KYC Bitcoin, Elizabeth Warren won't be able to punish us for allowing the CIA to launder money on the monetary network. I give my full support to Saylor and his team."

Strangely enough, there have been many attempts at making a standard for decentralized identities. PGP had created a solution for this as well as the NOSTR protocol. What makes Microstrategy's Orange protocol special is that instead of just working, it will work but it will be on Bitcoin.

"When trying to figure out how to get the noncompliant ordinals shitcoiners to comply with KYC laws and stop making Bitcoin look non compliant, we thought that making a Decentralized Identity system using ordinals would be a great strategy to get them to comply."
-Michael Saylor

This product appears to be geared at corporations rather than individuals and marks the first product that many plebs have understood a single produce offering by Microstrategy. A vast majority of plebs have only known Saylor as the guy who uses leverage to buy BTC, and goes on the PODCONF circuit regularly. For many, it is news that Microstrategy has any other offerings besides a yearly conference for corporations about Bitcoin.

It may be surprising to see Saylor team up with Novagratz, who is famous for constantly looking for the second best cryptocurrency. The two whales appear to be putting their differences aside for the sake of NGU through KYC and compliance.

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