Natalie Brunell Launches $800 Relationship Course

Natalie Brunell Launches $800 Relationship Course

Natalie Brunell, a media personality and Bitcoin enthusiast, has launched a new online course to help Bitcoiners navigate the tricky waters of relationships. The course, titled "What to Do After Getting a Girlfriend: A Bitcoiner's Guide," is aimed at helping men who have recently found love, balance their romantic life with their passion for Bitcoin.

According to Brunell, the course will cover a range of topics, including how to manage time effectively, how to prioritize Bitcoin-related activities, and how to communicate with your partner about your Bitcoin obsession. The course will also offer practical advice on how to handle situations like date nights, family gatherings, and vacations, where Bitcoin may not be the top priority.

One of the largest focuses of the course is to teach individuals how to communicate with a women in real life, and to stop communicating like they do on Twitter. "Harassment is not a recipe for a healthy relationship," Brunell said.

The course, which costs a whopping $800, has already received mixed reactions from the Bitcoin community. Some have praised Brunell for addressing a topic that is often overlooked in the world of Bitcoin, while others have criticized the high price tag and the seemingly narrow focus of the course.

"I think it's great that someone is finally talking about the intersection of Bitcoin and relationships," said one Reddit user. "But $800 seems a bit steep for something that could be covered in a blog post or a few tweets."

Despite the criticism, Brunell remains optimistic about the course's potential to help Bitcoiners find love while staying true to their passion for cryptocurrency.

"Bitcoin is more than just a hobby for many of us, it's a way of life," she said. "And if we can help Bitcoiners build strong relationships while pursuing their dreams, then that's a win-win situation for everyone."

So, if you're a Bitcoin enthusiast struggling to balance your love life with your passion for cryptocurrency, Brunell's course might just be the answer you've been looking for!

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