Nic Carter Vows To Hardfork Bitcoin, Dyes Hair Blue

Nic Carter Vows To Hardfork Bitcoin, Dyes Hair Blue

On Monday, Nic Carter posted a picture to Twitter showing that he had dyed his hair blue. Instantly, Bitcoin Twitter erupted into chaos as individuals debated the meaning of this. Nic has gone through a rather dramatic lifestyle change over the past few years. He was once the darling of Bitcoin Twitter, but seems to moved on to courting a broader crypto audience instead.  

Carter has been progressively airing his frustrations towards "Bitcoin Maximalists." It would seem that he resents their focus on using blockchain technology as money instead of actually revolutionary use cases such as expensive storage for pictures of monkeys and cartoon wizards. Nic has stated that there is no way to coexist with Bitcoin maximalists and that the only way forward to is to fork Bitcoin in order to increase the block size to allow for more pictures to be stored on the blockchain.

In a Tweet he said, "Bitcoin maximalists are racist transphobic, misogynistic, and just down right incorrect. With the help of Udi, Dan Held, Eric Wall, and Ben Armstrong, I plan to hard fork Bitcoin to make a more tolerant chain. The block size is too small and it's excluding really meaningful innovation. The hard fork will be performed on June 20th and will be called Bitcoin tolerant."

A meme by Eric Wall 

There has been recent controversy over Bitcoin transaction fees rising as a result of BRC 20 tokens and ordinals. Many users are finding it difficult to send lower fee transactions, and are upset. Many individuals are claiming that this is somehow a coordinated attack against the Bitcoin network. Miners have been enjoying the recent increase in transaction fees as they have struggling to keep their machines on as the Bitcoin price has fallen.

Aubrey Strobel cheered Nic's announcement saying, "The blue hair really has a strong Taproot Wizard Vibe. Bitcoin is a revolutionary technology and we need to have fun as we are revolutionizing the world. This fork will take Bitcoin away from the angry incels and give more power to ordinary people."

Marty Bent criticized the hard fork saying, "This seems like Bitcoin Cash all over again. These guys are going to create a whole new chain just to exit scam. It will be interesting to see if Nic becomes the new Roger Ver and continue to champion the fork for years afterward." Marty also had some comments about Udi that could be perceived as antisemitic by Nic Carter so we will not publish them here.

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