One Year Later, Zack Voell Gives A Shit About Nostr

One Year Later, Zack Voell Gives A Shit About Nostr

One year after low tier cryptocurrency influencer Zack Voell's twitter proclamation that nobody nobody would give a shit about Nostr, Voell owned up for his mistake. He shared in a twitter space, "I was really wrong about Nostr. A lot of people give a shit about it. They even have conferences now."

Voell was not quick to say that he would actually begin using Nostr, but he did express FOMO over missing all the zaps and how that could outpace his measly 3 Twitter subscribers paying $2.99 a month. Monetizing your social media influence is much more attractive than the quick dopamine rush from notifications on other platforms.

Nostr derangement syndrome has been shared by others who have been unable to understand that even the most remedial social media platform becomes superior due to lightning payment integration. While others are building out a bitcoin circular economy, influencers on their non Nostr platforms are building the future of circle jerking.

The symptoms of Nostr derangement syndrome include, not earning bitcoin, tweeting negative things about Nostr, paying Elon, and just being generally unhappy. It can be treated, but the person suffering first has to be willing to join the 11 other dudes actually using Nostr.

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