Politicians Are The Minor Leagues, Why Orange Pilling the Secret Societies Is Next

Politicians Are The Minor Leagues, Why Orange Pilling the Secret Societies Is Next

While most Bitcoin lobbyists trying to enter into influencing the world for the first time have been focusing on the minor leagues, the next big step in ushering in the secret societies. Orange pilling the people who the TV tells you controls the world is one thing, but orange pilling the people who actually control the world is a whole different thing. Bitcoiners could be the ones ushering in a New World Order if they play their cards right.

The problem with the Bitcoin community is that a majority of members are not ivy league educated, or in positions to gain access to secret societies. Not only that, many Bitcoiners embrace being ungovernable which is not conducive to gaining entrance, or climbing the ranks of the world's secret societies. Too many Bitcoiners have posted private DM conversations on Twitter, leading to a general distrust from the world's secret societies.

We need Bitcoiners to be attending Davos, Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg meetings, and to be prominent members of the Council of Foreign relations. As of now, there are no documented Bitcoiners within the Vatican that we know of.

Until Bitcoiners position themselves properly to infiltrate, orange pill, and exert true influence, are we just LARPing thinking that we are exerting influence over the politicians? Right now from the looks of it, Bitcoiners will be left out of important New World Order positions.

Selling Bitcoinl to secret societies is easy. Bitcoin, equipped with the proper privacy tools can allow secret societies to transact secretly. Ordinals offer incredible money laundering opportunities, replacing the the inefficient physical art schemes the world's elites have been using for centuries. Bitcoin is also one of the best ways to usher in a one world, digital currency.

Instead of focusing on getting Bitcoiners on the Joe Rogan podcast, we should be focusing on getting David Bailey and Michael Saylor to speak at Davos. They let individuals like Donald Trump and Javier Milei speak there, so it's really not a stretch to believe that we could bring the World Economic Forum under the control and influence of PODCONF.

Getting into positions of power like this often requires tradeoffs not suitable for people with a consciousness, but the trade offs to achieve power and usher in the next level of NGU will be worth it. Bitcoiners need to transition from the governed to the governing, and infiltrating the secret societies running the world is the best way forward.

Instead of health fads like the Carnivore diet, or smoking cigarettes dominating Bitcoiner culture this cycle, if properly executed, we could see a massive shift towards focusing on Adrenochrome.

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